Five-Minute Gourmet: Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce

Dec 7, 2008 by

When I was a kid, asparagus with Hollandaise sauce was one of my favorite dishes. I even liked the name: it sounded foreign, exotic, gourmet. It still is one my favorites, for even more reasons now. The buttery, lemony sauce is divine, impressive, and done in five minutes.

To make the sauce, combine in a small pan one stick of butter, 1T -1 ½ T of fresh lemon juice, and two egg yolks. Heat gently, stirring pretty constantly, until it becomes a smooth sauce. Add a little salt and pepper.

All that butter, you say? It's OK. It's real food. Enjoy it, just not every day, though you might want to.

My mom used asparagus out of a can. I use fresh.

Just cut off the bottoms of the stems at the level it cuts easily.  Steam until tender. 

Serve the asparagus on a pretty platter. Topped with the sauce, it looks fabulous. This classy dish should make your kids feel special.

I have seen many other Hollandaise recipes, but they are all a lot more complicated than this one. I've never tried any of those other recipes because I'm perfectly satisfied with this one and nothing could be easier or quicker.

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