Good American Additions to the French version of the After-School Snack

Jan 8, 2009 by

Smoothies (frozen fruit pieces mixed with some juice or milk in the blender)

Bananas or apples with peanut butter

Celery “boats” spread with cream cheese or peanut butter


Crackers and pesto (a sauce made with basil, nuts and cheese)

Salsa and chips

Whole wheat pita bread toasted

Cereal and milk, (less sweet, more whole grain and organic)


Tartines of peanut butter (open-face sandwiches)

Left-over corn bread with butter, honey

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Anna Migeon
Anna Migeon

I love the idea of “carrot salad in tiny elegant bowls” for gouter! And cold ratatouille for gouter! Wow. I would love to meet you and your kids. Did you see my ratatouille recipe on the blog? It is the best one I’ve tried, and is not even French, but from the Peach Tree in Fredericksburg (where we used to live). Sorry about leaving you hanging with “tartines of peanut butter”! J That must have been you who did a google search last night on it that brought you back to my blog! (I can see a list of all the searches or referrers to my blog). Tartine is just the French word for bread spread with something. A fancy way of saying open-faced peanut butter sandwich! I always liked open-faced sandwiches as a kid (more goodies and less bread). If they’d been called tartines I think I would have liked them even more. I had stopped all legumes, including peanuts, after reading Loren Cordain, but I see that Sally Fallon brings all that back in, processed in the traditional ways. I can see maybe why Cordain just leaves all those foods off in his program; he probably figures most of us aren’t up to the soaking, sprouting and fermenting that’s needed to make non-caveman diet items digestible, so he just says to eat only animal protein, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts. That is simpler, but it’s nice (and fun) to have those other options to endlessly explore with dairy, grains and legumes.

Alexandra Foley
Alexandra Foley

I'll add: -Crudite w/ yogurty dip or hummus. -Crackers and cream cheese (w/ pepper jelly). -Left over ratatouille - it's so sweet from carmelized onions that my kids love it cold. -Carrot salad in tiny elegant bowls. And you simply CAN"T use the phrase "tartines of peanut butter" and leave it at that! I need details! :)