Science and Industry Want to Feed Your Children

Feb 5, 2009 by

Grocery A friend of mine was once called in to be part of a marketing focus group on a new product for a major food manufacturer. Lured by curiosity and the good pay, she went in. Her experience says much about the state of feeding children in America:

“A group of six middle-aged women who were the main purchasers of groceries for their families, me being one of them, was escorted into a conference room and seated at a table around several of the manufacturer’s products. We were to give feedback on packaging for a new stackable apple chip snack food in a can.
Items we were to consider for the packaging included the words ‘fresh,’ ‘healthy,’ ‘wholesome,’ ‘natural,’ and images of apples—red apples, green apples, apples with leaves on them, apples with dew on them.

 One woman in the group got very excited about the product, explaining that she has a third-grade son who weighs 150 pounds and loves snack food, and this could be a great snack for him because it was ‘healthy.’ I came undone at this point. I asked the company reps, ‘Why are you wasting your time and mental energy on this? And how could this company justify marketing such a thing?’ To the woman, I said, ‘If you want the advantages of healthy food and you want to feel good about choosing natural things, buy the REAL APPLE!!!! It will be far more nutritious for you son, and will cost WAY less than a can of fake apple chips!’ Needless to say, the manufacturer did not call me back for the follow-up session. I got a check in the mail a few days later, but have never to this day been asked to be a part of a focus group again. I’m sure I’m black-listed. My friends who work at the company look at me askance now, and I have to watch my back in the grocery store, where I am sure to stay away as much as possible from the snack aisle.” Folks, we don’t need these engineered, processed, improved, enriched, fortified foods. Anything in packaging is suspect. Regardless of words like “natural” on a package, if it was made in a factory, you probably have better options. Go for the real thing—home cooking and Real Foods: vegetables, fruits—leaves, roots, seeds, stalks, fruit and flower—and eggs, nuts, meat, fish, poultry.You don’t need to know anything more to feed your children well. We don’t need science, technology, research studies, indexes, pyramids, weights, measurements, calorie counters, guidelines, recommended daily allowances, committees, experts or authorities.The only answer is simply everything: enjoying a variety of Real Foods. We don’t need any kind of “diet,” unless it’s the Every Real Thing Diet, an expanding diet, broadening in the right direction, not a permissive diet. The bodies God gave us need only the food God made for us.Don’t let science and industry tell you otherwise.© Sacred Appetite / Anna Migeon / 5 February 2009 / All rights reservedPart of Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday on Nov. 13: