The False Dilemma of Controlling What Kids Eat

Feb 9, 2009 by

Veggie bowl boy Many parents are at one extreme or the other on the spectrum of controlling what their kids eat.

Some parents let their children eat whatever they want, whenever they want. Some of those parents fear that if the kids don’t get what they want, they won’t eat at all. Others go with the flow out of ignorance or apathy. They take the path of least resistance, provide poor choices, assume that’s the best they can do, and let it go at that.

On the other side of this false dilemma are those who complicate the process, worry a great deal, breathe down their children’s necks, and take strenuous measures to make their children eat what they should eat. They work hard to get their kids to “do the right thing” and eat the food they should eat but don’t want.

Where is the middle ground between zero control and 100 percent control, the road less travelled? Consistently providing broad and varied offerings of tasty Real Food and nothing but, while building good habits of regular meals and a pleasant atmosphere at the table.  From that middle ground, parents can let a child’s appetite take over and let her enjoy her dinner.

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