Salmon with Chili-Mango Salsa

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This delicious recipe takes about 20 minutes to throw together. One of my favorite ways to eat salmon, it makes a great company dinner, especially in the summer.  It’s appreciated by young and old.

This recipe gets an extra star for qualifying as a Caveman meal. The foods the earliest humans, who were hunter-gatherers, are supposed to have eaten (pre-cooking) are the most nourishing ones.  These foods include all vegetables (greens, roots, etc.), all fruits, nuts, meat, poultry, fish and eggs.  The first “processed” foods—those requiring cooking—included grains (wheat, rice, etc.), beans (pinto, garbanzo, black, etc., and peas, lentils), and potatoes, along with milk products. They are not nearly as good for us.

Nobody’s asking you to eat those critters and eggs raw, as the cavemen are said to have done. I know it’s already a lot to suggest not eating bread, pasta, potatoes or rice. But raw fruits and vegetables are as good as it gets, health-wise. The idea is to make them delicious, too. This recipe hits all the bases.

2 mangos, peeled, pitted, diced

½ C chopped fresh cilantro

½ C chopped red onion

2 T fresh lime juice

4 t minced seeded serrano chili

2 t grated lime peel

2 garlic cloves, finely minced

4 T olive oil

4 six-oz salmon filets


Combine first seven ingredients in a small bowl; mix in 3 T olive oil. Season salsa with salt and pepper. Brush salmon with remaining 1 T of olive oil. Grill or broil until just opaque in the center, about five minutes per side. Serve with salsa.  Serves four.

A green salad rounds out the meal. Some avocado with vinaigrette or mayo is a nice addition.  For a heavier, non-Caveman meal, add some whole grain rice.

From Bon Appétit magazine.


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