Do-It-Yourself Thai Rice Soup for kids

Jul 12, 2009 by

Stock Thai soup bowl This tasty and unusual soup, called “rice soup” or “kao dom,” is a super simple Thai recipe that’s long been a favorite of our kids. This is the kind of meal that children especially enjoy: they can pick and choose among the condiments and make their own mix in their soup bowls, experimenting with different flavors and combinations. I especially like the ginger, green onions, fried onions and cilantro. The red pepper flakes are very spicy; just a few in a bowl of soup is enough for me.

8 C chicken stock

1 C (or more) raw ground turkey, venison or pork

2 C (or less) cooked brown rice

4 T fish sauce (made from a mixture of fish and salt that has been allowed to ferment for  a year to 18 months, found in the oriental foods section)

4 eggs

2 T raw ginger root, finely minced

½ C (or more) finely minced onions, fried long and slow in a little oil till tender or crispy, stirred often (we never have enough of these)

2 T cilantro

3 green onions, chopped

2 t (or less) dried red pepper flakes

Heat stock then add the meat, stirring it and breaking it up in the stock. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Add rice, cook two minutes. Add fish sauce. Break eggs in and whisk a minute or two till broken up and cooked through. Serve the soup alongside the last five ingredients in little bowls, for each person to add them to their bowl of soup, serving themselves at will.

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