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Artichokes with vinaigrette (http://www.sacredappetite.com/2009/07/11/slow-food-the-conversational-recreational-artichoke-for-kids-of-all-ages/)

Tuna on tuna (http://www.sacredappetite.com/2009/07/10/“tuna-on-tuna”-or-fresh-tuna-with-tuna-pickle-sauce/)

Tomato, cucumber, black olive and feta salad with vinaigrette


Creamed onions with sage and thyme (Food & Wine)

Boiled potatoes

Roasted red peppers with vinaigrette

Leftover menudo from a church sale


Appetizers: Roasted red peppers with vinaigrette,  fresh basil pesto from the garden on crackers, goat cheese on toast

Dinner: Turkey meatball Albondigas soup (Bon Appétit )

Salad from the garden with shallot vinaigrette


Omelet with leftover Kale and Olives (Food & Wine)

Boxed tomato soup (an organic 32-oz. find at the 99 Only Store)


Creamy Fettuccine with Prosciutto, Asparagus, Mushrooms and Peas (Bon Appétit) (made at the request of my daughter and against my better judgment because of the carbs and salty processed meat. It was scrumptious, though)

Light cream of celery soup (Moosewood Cookbook)


Leftovers from Thursday


Spinach crepes bernoise (delicious! An old favorite of ours, filled with chicken livers, mushrooms, cream cheese, dill, green onions) (The Seasonal Kitchen: Return to Fresh Foods by Perla Meyers)

Salad from the garden


Ground patties of grass-fed local beef

Turnip greens and daikon radish greens with miso

Light cream of celery soup again

PM: Miso soup with daikon radish, green onion and tofu,

Sliced cucumbers and red peppers

Fresh pomegranate for dessert

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