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Jan 4, 2011 by

FIND HERE: tips on getting kids to eat more veggies this year instead of donuts - photo by Anna Migeon

Happy New Year, as we start 2011 helping you improve your child’s diet and appetite together!  Let me know how I can help you.

The top five Sacred Appetite reader favorite blog posts this year don’t even include my personal favorite: How to Get Kids to Eat at the Table, Part III. It comes in response to a reader’s question about how to get her kids to quit dawdling at the table. I think it’s underrated. It sums up well a key idea that I’ve formulated this year: instead of ever pushing food on kids, look for ways to pull food away, restrict their access to food, and don’t put up with bad behavior. It’s a plan that improves both behavior and eating habits.

I think it’s got some pretty good advice, if I do say so myself.

The five top Sacred Appetite reader choice awards (according to number of views) of 2010 were given to:

1.  Five DOs and DON’Ts of Dealing with Dessert for Kids, from August 2010

2. Ratatouille: Everybody can cook, from January 2010

3. How to get fat eating vegetables? from June 2009

4. How we cured our son’s ADHD, from January 2010

5.  Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Need Braces, from clear back in June 2009.


Anna Migeon
Anna Migeon

Hi Josie, sorry for the six-months-later reply! I am back to blogging! Wanted to get an update and see how things stand since your last message. Have you been successful? I'd be thrilled to know the rest of the story!

Anna Migeon
Anna Migeon

I'd love to have a conversation with you! You should not put up with your kids fussiness! You don't have to. I hope you find ideas you can use here in my blog. I know I've written a lot of posts that should be useful and some dialogues with several different moms on their particular problems. It's hard to see the answer when you're so close, sometimes. I have had loads of battles with my kids, especially one! over the years, but it's never been about food. I have always cared a lot what they ate, but only the part I can control: what food is available to them, and the atmosphere around eating. You need to switch the burden of worry to them about whether they'll get enough to eat. Remember they HAVE to eat, so use that against them, gently, nonchalantly, sweetly. Would love to hear how things go or try to answer your particular questions... Thanks for your comment!


Hi Anna, this is the year I will change my children's eating habits for good! My 4-year-old twins (boy and girl) have driven me through a tortuous road for the past two years. As their mother I'm depressed, and so is my husband --a fine cook and lover of all healthy/natural and not-so-healthy but GREAT fine foods. My children used to eat the healthy and carefully prepared family breakfast, lunch and dinner up until they turned 2 and "discovered their wills". We fell for the "as long as they eat something" trap, letting them choose their meals, etc. etc. I consider myself a good, caring and involved mother, and cannot take it anymore. I feel like I'm doing my children a great disservice if I don't teach them to enjoy eating the wonderful world of foods out there. I'm glad I've found your blog. I'll read through it for some ideas...