Free Workshop for Parents of Picky Eaters: How to Shepherd Your Child's Appetite

Jun 7, 2012 by

June 14, 2012
7– 9 p.m.
at La Altura Pediatrics, Dominion Hills Plaza 21195 IH-10 West, Suite 2101  San Antonio, Texas 78257

Are meals a battle?
Having trouble getting kids to eat at the table?
Have you become a short order cook?
Do you make two different meals for one family?

Through this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Identify which tools you are using to try to make kids eat that actually make things worse, and get equipped with the right tools — the ones that work!
  • Find out how to cultivate the right atmosphere and habits in your home so children both eat happily AND behave.
  • Discover how to do less to accomplish more.
  • Learn how to leverage children’s natural appetites to motivate them to want to eat what YOU want them to eat.
  • See how to have more fun in the process of feeding your family.

Presented by Anna Migeon, author of the blog: “Sacred Appetite:  Restoring Healthy and Harmonious Family Meals.” She coaches small groups and individuals, offering Supper Nanny home consultations. For a recent San Antonio Express News article written about Anna and her methods, see “No More Battles at Mealtime.” For more information and to register, please email, LIKE Sacred Appetite on Facebook,  or call (210) 785-9099

What some moms who’ve been coached by Anna Migeon say:

Jennifer B.:
Your feedback has been the most tangible and helpful I have ever gotten on this subject and is really helping me to muster up the courage to tackle this.

Leslie H.:
“This training gave me the right to be calm about food. It has been a work in progress, but I have given up much of my anxiety about my kids’ eating.  I have given my children more power (or so they think), which has freed up my time & emotions. They have more independence & a sense of power. They eat better when it’s time to eat. They are also helping to choose meals & getting more interested in the kitchen.”

Angela W.:
“Since implementing your advice dinner time is much more pleasant! Before, my son would often be so hungry that he was grouchy and whiny by the time we sat down to eat dinner. It was difficult to actually get him to eat at that point. My husband and I mostly dreaded dinner. It’s a wonderful change! Now he is happy and pleasant at the dinner table, yet still eats a great meal. In fact, he’s eating dinner much better now! So thanks to your advice, he eats a great lunch, and he eats a great dinner.  Awesome!”

Kim S.:
“No screaming – just happy quiet eating.  Henry even served himself a tomato!!!!!  And ate it!!!!  We almost passed out!  Thank you again for guiding us. I really did take away some effective tools that have worked for us.”


Hello Miss Anna, I'm a grandmother and I'm having my grandson, Noah, over this weekend. We do not have a close relationship. My son,Raffaello, his father has walked away from the family.Father son had a very close relationship, now because of the breakage they see each other just a few days a week. The stress on my Noah is huge. Everybody try to please him and give him all he wants, when he wants it. He has put on at least 10 pounds in 4 months. Noah does not eat anything made at home. it's all fast food all day. Noah does not eat any veggies. I think he has lost the ability to taste home made food.My question is; WHAT CAN I FEED my Noah!! I Have not slept all nite thinking about Noah and what to cook for him, I'm a chef, and a good one!! hahaha! everybody love my food but Noah.yesterdayI went to spend a day with him, all he ate was a big fresh pretzel dipped in cheese sauce, later we went out for dinner he ordered a pasta alfredo with shrimps. He did not liked it but he eat all the bread that came with it. PLEASE HELP ME !!! His mother does not see the problem, they all love bread in excess. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my note. n