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Reaching the Promised Land: Harmonious and Healthy Family Meals
Do you wish you could get your children to eat more healthfully? Has your dinner table turned into a battle ground? Or is nobody coming to the dinner table at all? Have you given up trying to get your children to eat vegetables and home-cooked meals, to have peace again?
Learn a few simple, proven techniques for raising kids who willingly eat everything, without bribes, bargains, or begging.
Topics to be included in the interactive, fun seminar:
  • Key common mistakes to avoid if you want your child to eat healthfully now and for life.
  • How to practice “masterly inactivity”: taking it easy and doing less while achieving far more.
  • How to leverage children’s natural appetites to motivate them to want to eat what YOU want them to eat.
  • How to replace bad eating habits with good ones, without anyone feeling deprived.
  • How to have more fun in the process of feeding your family.
  • Identify which counterproductive tools you are using to try to make kids eat, and get equipped with the right tools, the ones that work.
  • How to cultivate the right atmosphere at your table so children both eat AND behave.
Introduction: 20 minutes to introduce the sessions to potential participants
Six two-hour sessions:
Session 1   The Right and Wrong Tools
Session 2   The Bad Bargain: Behavior and Eating
Session 3   How to Switch Tactics to Leverage the Appetites
Session 4   The Right or Wrong Habits and How to Build Them
Session 5   Masterly Activity: Strategic Patience at the Table
Session 6   “Group Therapy”: Questions and Coaching