Dinner Table Affirmation: How to be more while doing less

Sep 4, 2009 by


My now-teenage son in the early 90’s–photo by Anna Migeon

In every relationship with another human being one either affirms or denies. There is no in-between!” states Conrad W. Baars, M.D. Born Only Once: The Miracle of Affirmation.

According to Baars, it is essential to a child’s emotional health to feel affirmed from a young age, to be accepted and appreciated unconditionally.

From the first day of life, eating is a place of either affirmation or denial, of personal acceptance or rejection for a child. Eating is the daily opportunity to nurture the parent-child relationship and to demonstrate affirmation or to fail to do so.

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The Forthright Chef vs. Stealth: In the War Zone

Dec 7, 2008 by


A spoonful of sugar makes the beets and squash go down. A chocolate brownie makes the cauliflower go down.

That’s the main idea of not one but two 2007 mom-written books. I hesitate to name the books, because the last time I told another mom about them, she said she was going to get one of them, and that’s the last thing I recommend.

“Every recipe in this book is dedicated to making healthy foods taste decadent,” writes one of the writer-moms. I’m all for that.  But then she goes on:  “To be brutally honest, it is to make…

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