Shrimp Remoulade with Hearts of Palm and Avocado

Aug 8, 2009 by

Stock palm treeHearts of palm, an ingredient more common in France than in the U.S., are the soft inner core of the young shoots of various kinds of palm tree, including the coconut palm.  They are interesting little nibbles. It’s something to talk about at the table with kids and a great way to introduce an intriguing and unusual new veggie.  I made this salad with twice the amount of hearts of palm the original recipe called for, and my daughter, who wasn’t familiar with them before, asked if there were any more of them after we finished the last of the leftovers. This fresh little salad was a big hit with us.

Another great thing about it is that kids can build their own salads,  choosing…

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She—or He—Who Must Be Obeyed: why children should learn to tune in to their own bodies

Jun 3, 2009 by


art by Banksy

I imagine that early humans figured out what was edible by trial and error. Someone ate something, and it tasted terrible, or he got sick or even died. I imagine that laying that groundwork was a long, costly process.

Later, Science came along and figured out more, refining our knowledge of how our bodies work and what they need to function. Science also has come up with loads of its own custom edibles.

Even today, though, Science produces contradictory evidence and goes back on its statements. Science remains somewhat ignorant, along with the rest of us.  What to eat has become a more and more complicated question.

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