For Pure Pleasure: Assume the Best

Feb 9, 2009 by

N-healthyeatingkids135x170 “Wouldn’t it be great if kids came into the world with the innate desire to eat the right foods?” asks Jessica Seinfeld, author of Deceptively Delicious, one of two recent books filled with techniques to smuggle vegetables into a child’s stomach by way of the foods kids willingly eat.

“Getting a child to enjoy healthy food is next to impossible, but there is no harm in trying,” says a website that advocates “making” kids eat healthy foods by piling them in amusing structures on the plate.

A baby’s inborn appetite leads her through pure pleasure to the nourishment she needs to grow, mentally and physically. How would our…

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Science and Industry Want to Feed Your Children

Feb 5, 2009 by

Grocery A friend of mine was once called in to be part of a marketing focus group on a new product for a major food manufacturer. Lured by curiosity and the good pay, she went in. Her experience says much about the state of feeding children in America:

“A group of six middle-aged women who were the main purchasers of groceries for their families, me being one of them, was escorted into a conference room and seated at a table around several of the manufacturer’s products. We were to give feedback on packaging for a new stackable apple chip snack food in a can.
Items we were to consider for the packaging included the words ‘fresh,’ ‘healthy,’ ‘wholesome,’ ‘natural,’ and images of apples—red apples, green apples, apples with leaves on them, apples with dew on them.

 One woman in the group got very excited…

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