Nine Signs of Food Neurosis: How to know when you need to change your tactics in feeding your child

Dec 6, 2008 by

Few things are more delightful and satisfying and delectable to the human body, in its normal, healthy state, than eating real, nourishing foods.

A normal child will eat eagerly when he’s hungry, and enjoy a variety of healthy foods. Does that sound like your child?

“Human babies, like the young of other species, have wonderful appetites unless they are sick or unless they’ve become disgusted by too much urging or forcing,” wrote Dr. Benjamin Spock.


Nine clear signs that your child is no longer functioning normally in relation to food:

1. She loves what’s bad for her more than what’s good for her. This abnormal yet common situation must be corrected for your child’s sake.

2. You child thinks in terms of “have to eat” instead of “get…

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